Turkmenistan purchased mobile drilling rigs of XJ 450 and XJ 650 series from China

Turkmenistan has purchased new Chinese-made mobile drilling rigs. Machines of the XJ 450 and XJ 650 series have already been tested at the fields of the Balkan velayat – “Barsagelmez” and “Goturdepe”, reports the International Information Center of Turkmenistan.

The units are planned to be used for drilling new wells and overhauling old ones. It is noted that with the new equipment, this work takes no more than 20 days.

“This is our first facility where we will carry out repair work. It took quite a bit of time to install the machine. The well, two and a half thousand meters long, will be completely ready for operation in a few days. Here we plan to produce about 40 tons of oil per day”, - said Yazgeldi Yegenseyidov, specialist of the well workover department at the “Barsagelmez” oil production site, in an interview with the “MIR 24” TV channel.

In addition, the machines are equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure autonomous operation. Rest rooms are provided for employees. Up to 10 people can comfortably live in one such module.