Turkmenistan introduced changes to the procedure for obtaining driver's licenses

In Turkmenistan, changes were made to the “Procedure for conducting qualification exams for obtaining the right to drive vehicles and issuing driver's licenses”, adopted on September 20, 2018. The document was amended in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan, Muhammed Hydyrov, dated February 24, 2023. The order was registered by the Ministry of Adalat (Justice) of Turkmenistan dated March 16, 2023 under registration number 1694 and published on the portal of legal information.

Part 13 of the above Procedure has been supplemented as follows: citizens of Turkmenistan who are in military service on conscription are granted the right to drive vehicles of category “C” - from the age of 18.

An addition has also been made to part 16: a driver's license can be issued to an authorized representative of the person who has passed the exam, on the basis of a power of attorney.

Part 20 notes that the control over the training and the examination process of any groups of students studying in schools for the training and retraining of drivers of vehicles is carried out by the registration and examination unit of the Police Traffic Supervision Service.