“RZD Logistics”, KTZ Express and TULM signed a memorandum of cooperation in international and transit cargo transportation

“RZD Logistics” (RF), KTZ Express (Kazakhstan) and the “Transport and Logistics Center of Turkmenistan” signed a memorandum of cooperation in international and transit freight traffic. About this reports the press service of “RZD Logistics”.

The parties agreed to develop a joint rail service on the international “North-South” route.

Among the main areas of cooperation envisaged by the document are the organization of regular transportation of goods in trilateral and transit traffic, an increase in the volume of international import and export transportation of goods, the development of cooperation aimed at realizing the potential of the “North-South” railway corridor and the joint use of transport and logistics infrastructure.

In addition, the signed document guarantees the development of railway routes by launching new regular trains between Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia, including regular container services that provide short delivery times for agricultural products and food, as well as the introduction of technological innovations and joint solutions to realize the potential of the route.

Let us remind that in October, “RZD Logistics” began transporting full-length container trains from Russia to Iran along the eastern branch of the “North-South” land corridor using the transport infrastructure of Turkmenistan. The train will run on the new route once a month.