Payment for travel by cards “Altyn Asyr” and “Maşgala” launched in Ashgabat buses

Within the framework of the digitalization of urban transport and improving the quality of travel for passengers, the “Turkmenawtoulaglary” Agency in Ashgabat’s public transport launched payments with “Altyn Asyr” and “Maşgala” cards for all banks in Turkmenistan.

To pay for the fare, it is enough for passengers to attach bankcards that support NFC contactless payments to the validators installed on the handrails of the entrance doors.

The new service is available in all city buses. To pay for the fare, banks plastic cards with an integrated microprocessor (chip) with a contactless interface are accepted.

Note: you must have an activated bankcard and a sufficient amount of money in your account (at least the cost of one trip) in order to successfully pay for the fare.