The main New Year tree of Turkmenistan became the highest in the CIS

The size of the tallest New Year tree in the cities of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) has been determined – 38,5 meters.

Such a tree was installed on the square in front of the “Alem” Cultural and Entertainment Center in Ashgabat, Sputnik reports. The main New Year tree of Turkmenistan is dressed in a luxurious outfit of thousands of sparkling balls and toys, crystal snowflakes, lanterns, beads, tinsel, LED garlands topped with an octagonal star with the numbers "2022".

The main holiday tree in Armenia is in second place - 37 meters. The third was the main tree of Uzbekistan - 35 meters.

The most modest Christmas tree is installed in the capital of Moldova, Kishinev, its height is 20 meters. It is followed by a Kazakh tree from Nur-Sultan and a Kyrgyz tree from Bishkek. Their height is 25 meters.

In the capital of Russia, Moscow was installed a coniferous beauty from a forest near Moscow with a height of 28 meters.

In 2021, Tajikistan became the leader among the largest symbols of the New Year. A 30-meter tree was installed in Dushanbe.

Belarusian Minsk is decorated with a 33-meter Christmas tree, while in Baku the coniferous beauty is only one meter higher.